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Benefits of designing stainless steel kitchen

The true picture of a home never becomes complete without an elegant kitchen. And would it be nice to have a modular kitchen that not only presents a classy look but also has inbuilt rich features such as stain and microbes resistance? Welcome the Stainless steel modular kitchens, a new player in the town. Loaded with abundant benefits, it can really transform the amplitude of elegance in your kitchen. Meine Kuche, one of the expert modular kitchen designers in Pune throws light on this latest fad in the market and illustrates the advantages of stainless steel kitchen.

Highly durable

Ever wonder, why many of the kitchens in restaurants have stainless steel in every aspect, starting right from counter tops, sinks, cabinets and other storage spaces? It is the durability that scores for stainless steel over wood or any other material, which may dent or crack. Made out of high chromium and nickel alloy steels, the chances of rusting are absolutely eliminated and they can definitely withstand harsh conditions of temperature and yet retain its strength. And not to forget about the high fire resistance of steel and it is never an issue even if you keep the piping hot frying pan right on the surface of counter.

High resistance

To start with, stainless steel is non-porous and hence does not allow any sort of substance to pass through it. You can prepare your favorite delicacies in the kitchen without having to fear about the stains of beet or grape juice, oils, wine or any other coloring agents. Even with heavy spillages, a usual by-product when you are joined in the kitchen by your bubbling kids, all it requires is a wipe and you can absolutely put all your worries aside.

Ease of maintenance

Everybody loves to maintain a hygiene kitchen and wouldn’t you be delighted if we say that no other surface is easier to clean than stainless steel. Whatever may be the nature of dried residues, it can never form a stubborn bonding with stainless steel surface and easily comes off with a swipe of wet cloth.

Presents hygienic conditions

Stainless steel has natural shine and glow and hence they are not added with synthetic polish or varnish materials. So, it is never a matter of concern, even if your food particles come in direct contact with the surface – they are quite safe. Moreover, as moisture is not retained on the surface, it does not become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Without any worries of surface getting spoiled, you can always periodically sterilize them with most of the liquid cleaners or simple soap solution.


In this era of pollution, your contribution towards green eco would definitely get a boost by going for stainless steel kitchen. Yes, stainless steel is completely recyclable. Secondly, with all the components of kitchen are stainless steel, you are doing a fabulous job of avoiding wood and thereby saving Mother Nature.

Interesting designs

With the help of work hardened austenitic steel grades, it is always possible to create higher load bearing capacity modular kitchen components with reduced thickness. Hence it becomes very easy for the designers to make interesting designs with thin sheets of stainless steel. For instance, thanks to the flexibility of thin but ultra strong sheets, it is quite possible to make the counter along with the sink. The advantage is mind boggling – being seamless, there are no joints between the sink and counter and hence cleaning becomes breezy.

Creates larger space

One of the interesting advantages of stainless steel modular kitchen is its ability to reflect light from all angles of the kitchen and present an illusion that makes the room look like larger and brighter. Ofcourse, lighting is key in achieving this result and requires expert installation.

The advancements in technology have made it easier for the designers to move few notches up and render cutting edge designs. Meine Kuche, having the recognition for designing functional and elegant modular kitchens in Pune, is sure to make you spoilt with choices. And what can be a more wonderful opportunity to make your kitchen ‘the happening’ place of your home? Drop in at our showroom.

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  • Callum Palmer

    There really are a ton of benefits to using stainless steel in the design of your new kitchen. I particularly like that the article brings up its high resistance as one of the big features. After all, because of that high durability it is not susceptible to scratches or high temperatures.

  • Roslia Santamaria

    Great Article. I like the way you kept your article up to the point. and mentioned the reasons in short and simple points one can remember. So Thanks for posting !!

  • Sonam Singh

    I enjoyed reading.Thank you for sharing. keep it up!!!

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