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Disciplined like You

Meine Kuche: A ‘Frankfurt Kitchen’ study based area, regarding the kitchen workflow and optimization. We present you the most organized, disciplined and sharp ended infrastructure kitchens because we know, for you nothing less will do.

The area has its sections divided, edged with the correct organizations. The following are the departments divided into for work sections:


It is clean, beautiful, organized and set. It contains area of typical food stuffs such as rice, grains, vegetables, flours and all kind of refrigerated foods.


This is comparably spacious, giving you enough area to chop comfortably. This is the main work area of Kitchen. All kind of pre cooking tasks, such as washing chopping, mixing are done here and organized properly to shift to the cooking section.


The cabinets, drawers, walls, floors of the shelves and the bottom of base cabinets.


This area has smaller section, shelves divided according to the size of the utensils such as dishes, glasses, spoons, cutlets etc.


This area is for the cooking. This mainly includes oven, microwave, pots, pans and baking trays.

Various types of kitchens can be designed by combining these five zones to suit your requirements. All you have to do is choose the one for you. The right kitchen customized to your personal requirements will shorten distances traveled and simplify work flows.

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