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Modular Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

With customized modular kitchen to mirror your taste and style, nowadays, kitchens are considered as the extension of your living room, where quality time can be spent with all members of family.The world of kitchen design is full of ideas, so many are looking for inspiration on social networks and profiles that have a large following, mostly thanks to the support of companies like The Marketing Heaven, to make the best decision about decorating the kitchen. Hence, while renovating or re-designing your kitchen with modular solutions, it becomes very vital to incorporate additional features in the kitchen to safeguard against fire accidents. Remember, on most of the occasions, domestic fire accidents originate from kitchen with unattended cooking being the prime cause of fire.

Design features:

While designing modular kitchens in Pune for our esteemed customers, we at Meine Kuche make sure to incorporate all the possible safety measures embedded in the design. These elegant design features keeps your fear of fire accidents at bay and helps you to roll out delicacies for your dear ones.

  • Make provision to install hand held fire extinguisher and blankets very near to kitchen. It is not advisable to store them close to the stove or oven as they themselves may turn out to be potential hazard.

  • While designing your kitchen layout, we make sure that all the power points are at approachable reach. The idea behind this feature is to facilitate easy unplugging of electrical appliances such as refrigerator, microwave oven, electric stove, or oven when the fire originates inside or near them.

  • Fire can originate from any quarters and only aspect that can be expected is its unexpected occurrence. Your kitchen need not be a fire trap and hence while designing the layout of your kitchen, we make sure to have a secondary route of exit from your kitchen, provided space availability is not an issue.

  • It is a good idea to have smoke alarms in the house, especially in the kitchen area. We always recommend our customer to go for photoelectric effect smoke alarms that are based on the detection of particle combustion unlike the usual ionization types. With the installation of photoelectric sensors, the chances of false fire alarms drastically come down.

  • It is not without reason we recommend granite top for the kitchen surface. Yes, they have excellent fire resistance property. Moreover, their polished surface makes it easy to clean the greases and food spillages that can act as fuel for fire.

Kitchen safety tips:

Inbuilt design safety features, however meticulous it may be, can only reduce the potential of fire hazard but cannot completely eradicate the chances. Hence the only way to avoid your meals flaring up fire flames is by strictly adhering to these simple but effective measures during cooking.

  • Never and ever leave your cooking unattended, especially when you are involved in frying, boiling, or grilling. Even in the event of any sort of emergency, make it a point to turn off the heat source before moving out.

  • It would also be a nice effort to use timer and periodically check the progress of cooking. This would automatically ensure fire safety and also present you a good opportunity to check the dishes not getting overdone.
    Make it a point to have a clean and grease free surface of stoves, ovens and the counter tops. Remember, dried food spills and debris automatically increases the fire load in kitchen and can easily make the fire spread in a jiffy.

  • Again, the presence of cotton towels, paper packages, and plastic bags near electrical cooking appliances increases the chances of fire accident. A neat and tidy kitchen not only provides the feast to eyes, but also saves you from potential fire accidents.

  • It is always nice to see children in action at kitchen. But never let them alone as they may be adventurous in kitchen and land up in messy kitchen condition that can create unnecessary fire mishaps. Take adequate precautions to ensure their safety and always have them supervised by an adult member of the family.

Meine Kuche, while offering design ideas for premium modular kitchen in Pune, makes it a point to explain these simple but adaptable tips and techniques to their customers and ensure the joy of cooking to be protected with safety umbrella.

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